The Ben & Jerry's Green Training Top (pre-sale)

The Ben & Jerry's Green Training Top (pre-sale)

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Vermont Green FC has partnered with Ben & Jerry's to produce 100 green & 100 sunset special edition training tops made from 100% recycled polyester. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this training top will be donated to Juba Star FC & VPIRG. Limit of 1 unit per style, per customer.


This item is a pre-sale, and we will do our best to deliver products within 6-8 weeks after your order is placed.


Sustainability Considerations:

Our kit partner, PlayerLayer, produces garments with a manufacturer that is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, operating in state-of-the-art factories designed with climate change and environmental stewardship in mind. They use the Higg Index product tools to measure the environmental and social impacts of all products.

  • Each kit is made from approximately 23 recycled plastic water bottles and is Global Recycling Standard certified. We’re playing a small part in helping our manufacturer convert more than 12 million recycled plastic water bottles into new products.
  • The two factories that produce our kits are covered in 992 solar panels that will generate power savings equivalent to over 340 tons of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to taking nearly 74 passenger vehicles off the road each year. 
  • The factories have award-winning recycled waste management systems that include paper, metal, plastic, fabric, food, hazardous, and mixed waste. Waste fabric from production is collected and sent to a facility to be upcycled into other products.

PLEASE NOTE: All orders are Final Sale, so returns and exchanges are not permitted. For more info, please review our Refund Policy and Shipping Policy. This item is a pre-sale, and we will do our best to deliver products within 6-8 weeks after your order is placed.